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The Künstlerhaus


The Muenchner Kuenstlerhaus was conceived as a meeting place for artists and society alike and is still living proof of the style and society model of its time of origin. Not only the historical building itself but also its culture of festivities has become a vital part of the history of Munich. Admittedly, German is a tricky language sometimes and literally translated it is the “Munich House of Artists" and easier to pronounce for non-Germans.

In 1893 prince regent Luitpold has laid the foundation stone of the building designed by architect Gabriel von Seidl and in 1900 Luitpold opened the house to the public in person. Thus he turned a dream of those artists from Munich being united in the "Allotria Artist Society" into reality: to bring together the patricians, the well-to-do brewery families and new industrialists in one place to meet the artists of the time: Franz von Lenbach, Fritz August Kaulbach and Franz von Stuck had been well known hosts for and creators behind countless exciting events.

Following glorious decades of festivities, masked balls and banquets the house burned down following a bombing raid on Munich on July 14, 1944. After the war US troops impounded the building, returning its operation to the House of Artists Association in 1954. Following the reconstruction led by Professor Erwin Schleich, the Munich House of Artists was re-opened to the public by Duke Albrecht of Bavaria on October 1, 1961. Over the first three decades economic problems - induced by the re-construction financing - prevailed and limited the participation of the Munich House of Artists in the cultural life of the city. In 1991, Peter Grassinger and his wife Maja took over management and re-opened after a thorough renovation in 1998.

Public perception of art and society have changed dramatically after more than a century. Hence the development and management of the House of Artists changed as well and a different relationship between artist and society evolved. Bearing the banner - "Nobis et Amicis" ("for ourselves and our friends") on the outside of the building in mind - the House of Artists has broadened its approach and appeal. In the founding years access was restricted to the elite of artists and patrons.

Today its wide variety of congresses, festivities, and exhibitions attracts citizens of Munich from all walks of life to mingle with politicians, scientists and artists. At present the management tailors a rich and colourful cultural programme in cooperation with over 50 cultural associations and institutions, resulting in a multitude of different themes.

To ensure the special concept of the House of Artists in the future, its operation was changed into the House of Artists Foundation (Münchner Künstlerhaus Stiftung) in 2001. In cooperation with the House of Artists Association the foundation fulfils its multiple duties without public subsidies. Membership fees and income from renting out rooms for private festivities constitute the financial backbone of the House of Artists.

Our premises are being used by public and private entities, for cultural events as well as congresses, receptions and smaller parties.

Münchner Künstlerhaus Foundation

On December 28, 2001, the district government of Upper Bavaria acknowledged the Münchner Künstlerhaus Foundation as a “public foundation under civil law”.

Who we are

The Münchner Künstlerhaus Foundation is active in the field of monument conservation as well as in the cultural sector. Since 2006, Maja Grassinger has been president of the Münchner Künstlerhaus and chairwoman of the board of directors.

What we do

We take care of a Munich monument: the Künstlerhaus, built in 1900, is owned by the foundation and plays a central role in the history and culture of the city of Munich. The preservation and care of the building is the purpose of the foundation and presents us with new organizational and financial challenges and requirements each year. During the Second World War, the Münchner Künstlerhaus was almost completely destroyed. In many years of meticulous work and thanks to the active and financial support of many helpers and dedicated enthusiasts, the house was rebuilt. After 30 years of utilization by third parties (1967 – 1997), extensive renovation work was required. Although the house itself is of considerable value, there are high costs for its reconstruction and for regular maintenance work to the present day.

Support us as a monument curator!

We promote art and culture: we are engaged in art of all genres, providing artists with access to a broader public. As we do not receive regular public funds, we depend on sponsoring for the realization of our diverse cultural programme.

Our cultural commitment:

  • Keeping alive lithography as a technique and art form by awarding scholarships and carrying out workshops
  • Promotion of temporary exhibitions of different styles in the ‘art cabinet’ and sculpture exhibitions in the courtyard
  • Organization of international art competitions
  • Promotion of big productions of modern puppet theatre
  • Giving young people access to art and culture by organizing interactive events
  • Offering a diverse cultural programme with classical and jazz concerts, cabaret, readings, dance, theatre and lectures
  • Meeting place for artist associations

In the spirit of the founding fathers, Lenbach, Seidl, Gedon and Miller, and their motto ‘nobis et amicis’, the Kuenstlerhaus is to be a meeting place of artists and society now and in the future. For all this we need your help!

Support us as a promoter of art and culture!


The Muenchner Kuenstlerhaus Foundation consists of the following bodies:

Board of Directors

  • Chairwoman: Maja Grassinger
  • Vice Chairman: Prof. Dr. Claus Hipp
  • Members of the Board of Directors: Florian Besold, Dirk Gottschalk

Board of Trustees

  • Chairman: Dr. Peter Lex
  • Franz Diemer
  • Birgit Gottschalk
  • Fritz Haindl
  • Mechtild König-Kugler
  • Clemens v. Seidlein

Board of Curators

  • Honorary Chairman: HRH Franz Duke of Bavaria
  • Regional Bishop Heinrich Bedford-Strohm
  • Prof. Dr. h.c. Roland Berger
  • Dr. Walter Dieck
  • Dr. Walter Flemmer
  • Birgit Gedon
  • Prof. Dr. Klaus Michael Groll
  • HIRH Archduchess Gabriela von Habsburg
  • Wilfried Hiller
  • Cardinal Reinhard Marx
  • Prof. Dr. Siegfried Mauser
  • Prof. Dr.-Ing. Dr. h.c. Otto Meitinger
  • Dr. Michael Mihatsch
  • Prof. Alfred Neven DuMont
  • Dr. Brigitta Rambeck
  • Prof. Dieter Rehm

As per May 2015.

Münchner Künstlerhaus-Verein e.V. (Registered Association)

Established in 1900, the Muenchner Kuenstlerhaus Association has always played a major role in the cultural life of the Kuenstlerhaus. Among its founders, there were prominent Munich artists, such as Franz von Lenbach, Gabriel von Seidl, Lorenz Gedon and Ferdinand von Miller.

The glorious founding years were followed by many turbulent years during the war, complete destruction in 1944, reconstruction in 1961 and financially difficult times for the association. After being incapable of acting for 30 years, a revival of the association’s activities started in 1997.

Since 2001, the Muenchner Kuenstlerhaus Association has been under the direction of Matthias Gangkofner, acting as a ‘friends’ association’ which is financed by membership fees. The Muenchner Kuenstlerhaus Foundation, established at the same time, has taken on the tasks of maintaining the historic building and of promoting art and culture.

Become a member

As a member of the association, you promote the cultural life of the Kuenstlerhaus; you will get a discount on tickets for our events and exclusive invitations for special, non-public activities.

The minimum membership fee is € 50.- per year.

If you are interested or if you have any further queries, please do not hesitate to contact us by phone or by e-mail: +49-(0)89-59 951 840 or

The following people are members of the board of directors and the committee of the Muenchner Kuenstlerhaus Association:

Board of Directors

  • First Chairman: Matthias Gangkofner
  • Second Chairman: Clemens von Seidlein
  • Secretary: Friedrich Haindl
  • Treasurer: Anton Hörl


  • Gisela Brunke-Mayerhofer
  • Franz Diemer
  • Birgit Gottschalk
  • Maja Grassinger
  • Thomas Greinwald
  • Helmut Kästl
  • Kurt Kraemer
  • Tom Kristen
  • Elisabeth Tress-Rehbein

Support us!

And become a monument curator or a promoter of art and culture for the Muenchner Kuenstlerhaus.

As we are one of the few culturally independent venues in Munich for various art and culture projects as well as for the preservation of the historic building we depend on contributions from private donors and sponsors.


Your donation helps us:

Culture for children and young people

We offer a variety of high-quality culture to our young guests, often with free admission. Your donation gives us the possibilty to continue providing rich cultural offers to young people!

Glimmer of light

The Kuenstlerhaus copula is momentarily without proper illumination. With your donation we will be put into the position to afford appropriate lighting.

Protection of the historic Kuenstlerhaus-Building

The preservation of the historic Kuenstlerhaus-Building continuously confronts us with high financial challenges. Your donation can help us to realize restoration works and other demanding projects!

Lithography studio

A Munich original and real special feature represents our in-house lithography studio Steindruck München. The foundation runs the studio and offers scholarships to artists from around the world. For example, your donation pays a flight for artits from crisis areas worldwide.

Moreover, regular material expenses, maintenance of the printing presses and many other workshop utilities need to be covered. Your donation supports us in any of these aspects!

Your contact person

Regina Kraus will be happy to provide you with further information: or
+49 (0) 89 59 91 84 25.

We are looking forward to being in touch!

How to donate

You can sponsor individual projects or make a general donation directly to the Münchner Künstlerhaus Foundation:

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IBAN: DE43 7001 0080 0003 2978 06

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