An installation by Georg Jenisch

The Künstlerhaus building carries a lot of history, concealed and almost untraceable for the visitor. In his installation "ZEIT-SCHICHTEN" artist Georg Jenisch is following those buried traces aiming to make them visible and experienceable.

By integrating diverse arts such as painting, sculpture, projections, sound or street art the installation demonstrates the change of architecture and interior decoration of the Muenchner Kuenstlerhaus over the past hundred years. The founding fathers, as well as the many illustrious guests are being remembered.

Even the hidden historical creek of the western city moat, which is still running beneath the Künstlerhaus patio, is made visible, revealing the building in all its facets. Georg Jenisch approaches the various "layers" gingerly and playfully, makes them translucent, as if the stringency of time has been voided.

Parts of the installation will be shown throughout the Salvador Dali exhibition.

This installation is a commissioned production of the Münchner Künstlerhaus Foundation.

Georg Jenisch in his studio in Berlin

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