SummerCinema at Munich Künstlerhaus

...mondays at 8 PM

During the period of the exhibition we will regularly present exceptional biographies of Salvador Dalí and his milieu every Monday evening.

July 17th: Messias by Roberto Rosselini
France/Italy 1975, 140 min., German version

July 24th: Lourdes by Jessica Hausner
Austria/Germany/France 2009, 90 min., German version

July 31st: 1. Gospel according to Matthew by Pier Paolo Pasolini
Music: Joh. Seb. Bach, Wolfgang A. Mozart, Sergej Prokofjev, Anton Webern, Italien 1964, 136 min., German version

August 7th: The Golden Age / An Andalusian Dog (double feature) by Luis Bunuel and Salvador Dalí
France 1930 / 1928, 63 min., / 16 min., French version with English subtitles.

August 17th: The Name of the Rose by Jean-Jacques Annaud
Germany/France 1986, 131 min., German version

August 21st: Salvador Dalí – A Soft Self-Portrait by Salvador Dalí (book and production)
Director: Jean-Christophe Averty, with Gala Dalí, Orson Wells (narrator), Spain/France 1970, 53 min. / Original (English) version

August 28th: Saint Jacques...A Pilgrimage the French Way by Coline Serreau
France 2005, 110 min. / German version


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