SummerCulture at the Künstlerhaus Munich

... starting at 7.30 PM

Enjoy mild CultureSummer nights with flamenco, Salsa, a rock cantata, a piano concert and little delights in our canopied courtyard.

We are looking forward to welcoming you as our guests!

Luther - God´s Rebel | Rock-Cantata

As a tribute to the celebration of '500 Years Reformation', the Münchner Künstlerhaus will present an exclusively arranged version of the Musical 'Luther – God's Rebel'.

Composer Christian Auer and writer Nina Schneider present Luther's life condensed into a thriller, with musical means ranging from Rock music as far as ecclesiastic-archaic sounds. Musicalstar Thomas Borchert as the lead role, Christian Auer as narrator and protestant pastor Hans-Christian Glas as preacher illuminate several passages of Luther's life, in which Luther was finding himself opposing  the authorities while developing the teachings, that would change the world forever.

Dates: July 10th & 11th 2017, ballroom


... with Montserrat Suarez & Mawi de Cádiz: Flamenco puro!

The internationally renowned Flamenco dancer Montserrat Suárez with her partner Miawi de Cádiz and the guitarist Alejandro Suárez, both from Andalusia, as well as the successful Percussionist Jorge Palermo from Málaga take us on a journey through the universe of Flamenco – passionate, temperamental and thrilling.

Dates: July 14th & July 16 th 2017, patio

... with Gisa Michelón - Flamenco y otros amores

Love is a many splendored thing, just like Flamenco. It may reveal itself in tender touches and meaningful glances, it changes from playful infatuation to intimacy, from fleeting kisses to moments of authenticity. It retrieves deep emotions and grieves in deep desperation about lost dreams.

Directed by Gisa Michelón and Estela Sanz Postegilio, the performance shows the variety of these emotions. It is the Flamenco that tells of the power of love and the love for life.

Dates: July 22nd / 23rd / 28th / 29th 2017, patio

Anthony & Joseph Paratore - Piano Duo

"World Class" was the verdict of the expert audience, when Anthony and Joseph Paratore received the first prize of the international music contest of the ARD in Munich. Since then critics praise them wherever they give a guest performance. The Süddeutsche Zeitung titled them "World's Best Two Men Orchestra".

Dates: July 19th 2017, ballroom

3rd Munich Piano Festival (at 8.30 pm)


When four Jazz piano players meet on stage, the fat is in the fire! Two grand pianos. Nothing else. Although each musician comes from different musical backgrounds, together they spark a firework of sounds on eighty-eight keys times two!

Dates: August 10th 2017 at 8:30 pm, ballroom

Noche de Salsa - Rafaelito y su Tumbao

When Rafael Pareja gets on stage, you better watch out! His temperamental fire and irresistible Latin American rhythm comes with side effects as jumping-out-of-your-seat and a heavily increased heart rate.

Pareja's music blends the sounds of the New York Salsa into the traditions of Cuba and Africa plus a large dose of Latin American temperament.

Dates: August 18th 2017, patio


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