Salvador Dalí – BIBLIA SACRA

Exhibition from 11th July to 3rd September 2017

Biblia Sacra - first to be shown in this compilation

Salvador Dalí's coloured graphics of the Old and New Testament are known as the most significant Bible illustrations of the 20th century. This exhibition presents all 105 lithographs of the Biblia Sacra Suite, as created by the artist from 1963 to 1965.

The special printing technique, a combination of silk screen and offset lithography on specially manufactured paper with a "vellum finish", preserved the textural sumptuous richness of Dalí's original water colours.

Only on this particular suite of uncut sheets with the colour scale, Dali had put his autograph. This sequence of images from the collection of Bamberg art collector Richard H. Mayer, has thus never been shown before. The brilliant multiple colour expressions are considered a masterpiece of the century, emphasizing the genius and artisanal skills, that outshine all else.

Special exhibition

In addition, we present a special exhibition showing the renowned series of Dalí's illustrations to Dante's 'Divine Comedy'.


Lithography studio

In our own lithography-studio we daily demonstrate and explain different kinds of printing techniques.


Cultural programme

Throughout the exhibition we present a rich cultural programme which comprises readings, cinema, flamenco as well as art workshops for children and adults. Find out more!

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